Producer's Choice Acoustic Blankets

How to Cut Down Noise From A Drum Room With Producer’s Choice Acoustic Blankets

www.VocalBoothToGo.com – Drummers have a bad reputation for being too noisy. Trying to practice with neighbors can be difficult. Adversely, living next door to a banging drum set can be difficult as well.

We made this video to show you first-hand how just one layer of our Producer’s Choice Sound Blankets can reduce the sound coming from your drum set in your practice space.

These sound absorbing blankets, usually meant to acoustically treat, actually yielded a certain degree of sound proofing.

A very cost efficient solution with incredible results!

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Do Producer’s Choice Acousic Blankets shrink after wash?

In this video we tested how much sound blankets shrink after wash. Producer’s Choice acoustic blankets shrink about 1-2 inches in length and width after the wash.
This happens because the blankets expand and get thicker.
This video also provides an interesting example of Producer’s choice acoustic blankets in action.
Most of the audio is done in an untreated environment of the Laundromat. The end summary was recorded using the same camera, but surrounded with Producer’s choice blankets.
There is a big difference in the quality of recording.
(Audio was not optimized or manipulated in any way.)
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A Review of Producer’s Choice Acoustic Blankets

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These blankets are by far the best deal on the planet, when it comes to inexpensive soundproofing or acoustic treatment for the home recording studio!

Producer’s Choice Sound Blankets Overview

Producer’s choice sound blankets earned their reputation for being best sound absorption blanket on the market. This video explains why.

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You can get the blankets at acoustic-sound-blankets-sound-absorption-panels-producers-choice

Absorption Quality Comparison Between Acoustic Blankets and Moving Blankets

Comparison of Moving Blankets, sound blankets Acoustic blankets and Absorption sheets to use for sound absorption in a recording studio. Compare weight, size, make, price range and absorption quality of acoustic blankets. Includes acoustic test graphs.


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