Frequently Asked Questions

Below are Frequently Asked Questions about VocalBoothToGo products as well as some questions about soundproofing and acoustic room treatment.
You will also find testimonials from our customers.

Question about Producers Choice blankets

The blankets come in different weights because they come in different sizes.
The material is the same this is why the NRC ( noise reduction) is the same.

The NRC is tested for a material sample. The size of the sample for testing
must be standard, so any lab test has the same comparable results.

But in practical applications, the more sound absorbing material you put in
a room the more sound absorption you get. Of course that is provided that
surface of the material is exposed as much as possible to be able to absorb
the sound.
For example hanging blankets all around the room with 4-6 inches gap between
a reflective surfaced and the blanket is much more effective than having a
stuck of folded blankets in a corner.

Thank you


There’s a video that says that the ceiling track kit will support the producer’s choice acoustical blanket. Will the ceiling track support the acoustical panel, which is an upgrade from the blanket?

Yes, it will support the 80 x 96 blanket and even the 120 in long studio blankets.

The heavier the blanket, the more gentle you need to be sliding the blankets on the tracks.

More weight pits more pressure on the rollers and make it harder to roll on the tracks .

But statically track will support acoustic panels, no problem.

Product Inquiry

I think your best option is to use blankets with ceiling track kit.
Even better if you double wall the blankets with an air gap between layers.(use 2 circles of ceiling tracks, about 4-6 inches apart).
Hanging blanlets on thd track kit will allow you to slide the blankets out of the way , so you can have the use of the whole room if you need to
It will also allow you to manipulate the sound inside the room (more live or more dead).

You do not have to encircle the whole room with ceiling tracks.
You can use ceiling screw hooks (available from your local hardware store) and only use tracks where you want to divide the room.

This so allows you to create a “room within a room” without building an actual “room”. So you have more room for your other stuff.

I would recommend comering walls eith blankets completely, even the walls you do not worry about.
You want to eliminate that percussion sound bouncing off the walls.
This will reduce overall sound level inside the room and therefore even less sound will escape.
If for your recording you feel the sound is too dead, you can slide open the blankets on tracks and allow some reflections to create a live sound.

Or you can just take blankets off the hooks.

There is also another option (alternative or additional, depends on how you want to hear your drums) .
You can wrap a blanket around a drum.
And let it (the rest of the blanket) lay on the floor.
This will drastically reduce the sound coming out of the drum.

Thank you.

I was just wondering what “VB-70G” means. Because i see that there are 71G all the way up to 70G. Is there a difference?

All Producers choice sound blankets have the same acoustic quality with NRC 0.8 (80% noise reduction).
But they differ in size, color and grommets.
All even numbers (like VB70) have one side white, the other side black,
All odd numbers ( like VB71) have both sides black.
Letter “G” stands for “Grommets”. That means that if the blanket model has a letter “G” after the number, it has grommets pre-installed for easy hanging.
If there is no letter “G” that means the blanket is plain. No grommets.
The larger the number of the blanket the larger the blanket.
So 70 and 71 are 72 inch long.
72 and 73 are 96 inch long
76 and 77 are 120 inch long.
All blankets have the same width – 80 inches. This is the widest the loom can make.
The quilting is parallel. It is always runs starting from 80 inch side and gies along the length of the blanket.

Is there still an issue with smell?

If you found us through an online forum, you might have noticed complaints about an awful smell coming off the blankets. They may have looked like this:

19th December, 2012: [The blankets] smell like some kind of petroleum distillate.

We did have a problem at the time. It was difficult to figure out where the smell was coming from in the beginning, but after several visits to our manufacturers and working our way through the supply chain, we discovered that the issue was in the filler material. Filler which included a mix of synthetic fibers resulted in blankets with the terrible smell.

Since then, we have changed the manufacturer and made sure we were only using 100% pure recycled cotton in our blankets. There are no toxic chemicals involved in the making of our blankets. As of 2014, you can see that there are no more forum complaints about the smell:

4th March, 2014: I bought the Producer’s Choice sound blankets from moverssupplies.com and haven’t had any issues with the smell. 

That comment was from a regular contributor to the forum, achieving the title “gear addict”.

Producer’s Choice blankets were specifically designed to absorb sound, and no longer have the drawback of that chemical smell. They work much better than moving blankets, and you can see the frequency results from acoustic lab tests on our website. We compared the test results of Producer’s Choice blankets and Auralex acoustic foam, and found that our acoustic blankets are more efficient than 3 inch foam, and the frequency response is more linear, resulting in a better sound.

Acoustic foam seems to absorb sound similarly at the low frequency range, but rips more out of the mid frequency range, than the Producer’s Choice acoustic blankets. This is why the NRC of the 4 inch acoustic foam is higher.

To get the most out of your blankets, be sure to hang them properly.

Q) How can I control traffic noise entering the patio section of my home I don’t want 100% sound proofing, but the best i can do to get the maximum gain?

A) You will need a dense material based on Mass Loaded Vinyl that is Weather proof and UV resistant.

Sound absorbing material such as foam blankets or anything of the sort hang over the fence will do nothing for soundproofing of your house.

Many people confuse these terms. “Absorbing sound”  means sucking up the sound that is already in your room.

“Soundproofing” means preventing the sound from entering (in your case) the room.

Q) Do you rent vocal booths?

A) Yes, we offer a rental program for our acoustic vocal booths and later for the sound booths. Please contact us to discuss your project.


Q) How do I attach ceiling tracks to hang blankets to my stucco ceiling?

A) For stucco ceilings, attach a flat horizontal support first. For example, you can attach a wooden frame  (like 2 x 4 studs) and then attach the ceiling track support brackets to that flat support.

Here is a video on hanging blankets from a drop ceiling that may help give you an idea how this is done.


Q) Does fluffing acoustic blankets help to absorb sound better?

A) The difference might be marginal. But in theory, loose fiber would absorb sound better.

This is because in loose fiber each of the filaments have to be agitated individually, therefore more sound energy being spent on “shaking ” each individual fiber. In tightly pressed filler the fibers that are “stuck together”  being agitated together as one — so less sound energy being spent and absorption would be less.

At the same time it is more difficult to vibrate heavier, larger fibers, than it is the lighter and shorter fibers. This is why the longer and denser fibers would absorb more of the lower frequency  sound waves.

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