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How a professional voice over recording studio at home should be built.

At this stop In San Diego, CA I met with James Alburger, a well respected voice actor and voice over coach, Founder of Voice Acting Academy in San Diego, California.
James is a truly great coach, very knowledgeable and very generous with his knowledge.
(See more about what James can do for you here:
www.VoiceActing.com – training in the craft and business of voiceover
www.CigmaMedia.com – putting the magic of media to work for business
www.JamesAlburger.com – sound for film and video )

He was very kind to show me his studio and i asked him to repeat the tour for VocalBoothToGo channel.
Any voice actor, producer and audio engineer must watch this. By strategically placing the acoustic treatment in the room James created a space where he can control the sound, so he can create the acoustic performance depending on the expected outcome.
He explains it all in the video.
For soundproofing the walls James used mass loaded vinyl – Mass Loaded Vinyl- 24ft. Roll
For acoustic treatment he used Producer’s Choice sound blankets –
VB72G Sound Absorption Panels Producers Choice- White- Black. Size 96×80 with Grommets. Single.

The blankets are suspended on a ceiling track, so they can be moved out of the way as in over the doorway, but also you can slide them to open the wall if you need your room to be a little more Live, allow for some reflections. – https://www.vocalboothtogo.com/produc… (ceiling tracks can be as long as you need).
Light is LED light , that makes no noise: – Vocal Booth on Tracks (14 ft Ceiling Track Kit)

Find out more at http://www.VocalBoothTogo.com/

Creators of Producers Choice Acoustic Blankets, VOMO portable vocal booth, and many more acoustic treatments to optimize sound absorption. Studios, Vocal professionals, Voiceover artists, Audio Engineers, and Home studios use our products every day to control their sound environment.

Portable Vocal Booth washing instructions

Portable vocal booth from VocalBoothToGo.com can be easily washed in a regular washer.
to wash the Blanket part of the booth – take it out form the outer Nylon case ( unzip two zippers and unhook two hooks),
then pull out the hard parts Support rods and Support arches.
and throw it in a washing machine!
Dry on a high heat tumble dry.
Drying might take a while because thick cotton absorbs a lot of water.
but after the wash the booth will come out thicker and fluffier than before!
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Portable Voice Over MObile recording studio – VOMO complete instructions

This is a complete version of instructions on how to use the Portable Voice Over Mobile recording studio, VOMO, and some tips and tricks.
It has 15 parts to it. you can skip around.
I will also upload shorter versions, so it will be easier to find the specific topic.
The product, VOMO, is already being sold online , but for whatever reason my video producer was not able to finish the Instructional Video. So i made this version from a truck stop in Alabama .
I apologize for the delays and video quality, but i hope it delivers the information to successfully use the booth at its full capacity.

How did VOMO do? VO tech Guru Tim Tippets challenged portable voice over booth.

In Chicago we met with Tim Tippets, a professional Voice Over actor, Voice coach and VO tech guru Tim brought some of his latest gear and i brought the VOMO for him to test.
I think VOMO stood up to Tim’s scrutiny. Tim was using his expensive Sennheiser microphone. VOMO easily accommodated the long microphone with additional room to move it around for different Voice takes.

Acoustic Guitar and Singing recording in Mobile Vocal Booth

New Orleans Pro musician Jeb Rault tests the mobile Acoustic Vocal Booth, AVB33, and VOMO portable vocal booth.

How to build a Vocal booth 6×6 from VocalBoothtoGo.com. VB66 Cover assembly Instructions

This video explains how to put the sound absorption panels on VB66 vocal booth.
Sound absorption panels of the vocal booth 6 x 6 consist of 3 wall panels without windows, one wall panel with a window and two roof panels.
Simply attach the wall panels to the VB66 metal frame and fix with Velcro straps.
Seal the walls all around.
Place the roof panels on top of frame.

Vocal Booth 6 x 6 also includes Corners sound traps.
Available from VocalBoothToGo.com . Direct link to product:

Acoustical Vocal Booth 6 x 6

Carry-On Vocal Booth Set-Up Video

Carry on Vocal Booth Prototype testing.
Since then we imporved the design and our portable vocal booth is now can be set up within about 5 seconds!
We also included a lot of additional accessories to make it an ultimate Vocal Booth for the road warrior.
Thisi video was made about a year ago. New video for the Carry-on Vocal Booth pro is coming out soon.
Thank you for your support and warm welcome.

How to Install Acoustic Blankets from a Drop Ceiling

If you need to do acoustic room treatment with sound absorbing panels or acoustic blankets and have a drop ceiling in your room, this video will be very helpful. It suggest a neat way to hang acoustic blankets from a drop ceiling without any drilling or installing any additional screws. Out of Producer’s Choice Blankets, we created a space 6 feet x 6 feet with blankets covering the entire wall from floor to ceiling. Total cost ( not including the blankets) was under $10.

As acoustic panels, we used oversized sound blankets Producer’s Choice ( acoustic-sound-blankets-sound-absorption-panels-producers-choice).

If you noticed we did not hang the blankets flush with the wall. This is very important for better sound absorption and noise reduction. That extra air space makes a lot of difference.

To see how effective these blankets are, watch our video showing how well these blankets performed when treating a drum room.

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How to set up the portable CARRY-ON VOCAL BOOTH

In this video you can see how to set up the Carry on Vocal booth Pro.
The booth comes with metal support table, support arches and fiberglass support rods already installed.
Additional included items are : MicroMic Stand, Miniboom, Light and Microphone Mounting bracket.

MicroMic stand is good on the road or table top set up, where you might not be able to have regular microphone stand.
Microphone mounting Bracket is designed to work together with support table and go onto a Microphone Stand shaft.
Miniboom can be mounted onto the Micro Mic stand or Over a regular microphone stand and provide adjustable support for a microphone, script holder, pop filter or other attachments.
Light can be attached to the front or the back arch support of the portable vocal booth with Velcro strips.

Additional accessories that are available from http://www.VocalBoothToGo.com site are Copy holder (works with pretty much any tablet), Microphone stand, Pop Filter ( with or Without goose neck attachment), accessory bag.

Carry on Vocal Booth is allowed in most aircraft as a carry on luggage. In some cases we were told that the booth was placed in a separate cargo department on the plane ( like they do with strollers).
Booth size folded 22 x 4 x 22 inches,
Booth Size open 22 W x 20 H x 20 Deep.
Weight 12 lbs.

to learn more please go here: acoustic-sound-blankets-sound-absorption-panels-producers-choice

to listen how the Carry-on Vocal Booth actually works watch this video: http://youtu.be/GKKnQB4c68A
Thank you for watching.

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