Acoustic Mobile Vocal Booth

Portable Vocal Booth washing instructions

Portable vocal booth from VocalBoothToGo.com can be easily washed in a regular washer.
to wash the Blanket part of the booth – take it out form the outer Nylon case ( unzip two zippers and unhook two hooks),
then pull out the hard parts Support rods and Support arches.
and throw it in a washing machine!
Dry on a high heat tumble dry.
Drying might take a while because thick cotton absorbs a lot of water.
but after the wash the booth will come out thicker and fluffier than before!
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Acoustic Guitar and Singing recording in Mobile Vocal Booth

New Orleans Pro musician Jeb Rault tests the mobile Acoustic Vocal Booth, AVB33, and VOMO portable vocal booth.

Review of Acoustic Vocal Booth AVB33 – Video Testimonial

Acoustic Vocal Booth AVB33 REVIEW.

This video is a courtesy of an accomplished voice over actor from Canada – Daniel Pronce.
He was very happy with his mobile acoustical Vocal booth, so he made a review for his subscribers and generously sent us a copy to use. See how he set up the booth, fit his audio equipment, microphones etc. Daniel also described how the booth arrived and how easy it was to assemble the vocal booth. He also included sound samples. ( singing and playing guitar).
Order here: Mobile Acoustic Vocal Booth, AVB33

Noise reduction. Acoustic Vocal booth tested at the 2016 Summer NAMM show

How much is the Noise reduction of Acoustic Vocal booth?

This video demonstrates the soundproofing capacity of the AVB33 – Acoustic Vocal Booth. We tested it at the 2016 Summer NAMM show. Acoustic vocal booth primary purpose is to cut down on echo and reverberation for clear audio recording, but they also reduce the noise level.
In this video it is demonstrated that the AVB33 blocks approximately 10 dB of noise.
Vocal booth sizes here: Acoustic Vocal Booths for voice over

How to set up Acoustic Vocal Booth 3 x 3 (AVB 33). Installation instructions.

In this video we will show you how assemble to the acoustic vocal booth 3 x 3.

The complete frame consists of:
17 square straight poles with ball locks
8 three way connectors
4 straight connectors
2 “Y” connectors

To assemble the frame, start by assembling the bottom and top frames.

The three way connector has one hole on the bottom legs and two holes on the top leg. The top leg should be facing up. Assembled the two sides of the bottom frame and push them in together.

Insert the straight poles in the bottom square of the frame. Use the straight connector to connect the two poles in every corner.

Place the remaining top square on top of the frame.

Insert the “y” bar in the middle of the top frame.

Once you have built the frame, hang the AVB cover.

Start with the AVB cover on the ground. Find the top of the cover, and pinch the front and back corners together. This will make it easier to get the cover over the top of the frame. When you have the two corners in your hands, slowly position the cover into place.

Make sure you are pulling the cover evenly taut as you are positioning it.

Once the cover is on, there will be several Velcro straps on the inside of the cover that you will need to secure to the frame.
The door panel has a double-sided zipper that can be adjusted inside, or outside of the booth.

How to build a Vocal booth 6×6 from VocalBoothtoGo.com. VB66 Cover assembly Instructions

This video explains how to put the sound absorption panels on VB66 vocal booth.
Sound absorption panels of the vocal booth 6 x 6 consist of 3 wall panels without windows, one wall panel with a window and two roof panels.
Simply attach the wall panels to the VB66 metal frame and fix with Velcro straps.
Seal the walls all around.
Place the roof panels on top of frame.

Vocal Booth 6 x 6 also includes Corners sound traps.
Available from VocalBoothToGo.com . Direct link to product:

Acoustical Vocal Booth 6 x 6


Acoustic Vocal Booth AVB63 Review. Voice over actors recording in the sound booth. Audio samples. Construction of the vocal booth with sound blankets. This is a make-shift vocal booth made with frames covered with acoustic blankets. Made and sent by a customer from the UK.

How to Soundproof Drum Room and Recording Studio with Producer’s Choice Sound Blankets Video Testimonial .

When Michael treated his podcast audio recording studio with Producer’s Choice Acoustic blankets he was amazed by the results!
We spoke with Michael about his podcast, his satisfaction with the efficiency of our sound blankets and more. You can see compete interview here: http://youtu.be/nHS9FMs32bo
Being a professional drummer, Michael needed to stop the sound from escaping the room, so he can play his drums. He hung two layers of producers choice sound blankets around the room, and covered windows with additional layer of acoustic blankets from VocalBoothToGo.com.
This allowed him to create a completely dead sounding recording studio and soundproof his drum room at the same time!
You can listen to Michael’s award winning show at www.solopreneurhour.com.
To get sound blankets for soundproofing and acoustic treatment of your recording studio go to http://www.vocalboothtogo.com

Voice Actor/Voice Over Coach Randye Kaye on Transforming a Bedroom into a Recording Studio

In this Video voice actor and voice over coach Randye Kaye shows her home recording set up. Randye is using 2 Producer’s Choice acoustic Blankets with 2 Ceiling Track kits (Vocal Booth on Track) from http://www.VocalBoothToGo.com.
Using Vocal booth on tracks allows for instant acoustic room treatment and immediate transformation of a bedroom into a home recording studio with great sound on an “on demand” basis.
In this set up Randye used two Producer’s choice blankets VB72G (large-sound-blankets-producers-choice-wgrommets-blackwhite)
with 2 Ceiling Track kits (Vocal Booth on Tracks (7 ft Ceiling Track Kit))
The advantage of using ceiling track kit and sound absorption Acoustic panels is not only a great sounding recording, but also that you do not lose any of your floor space in your room!

What Is The Hanging Vocal Booth?

How to build a vocal booth quickly in a garage, basement anywhere.

This is a new product from VocalBoothToGo.com that is designed to help anyone with limited space and/or resources to instantly create acoustically dead space for great audio recording.
This video shows how to get great sounding audio recording without conventional Vocal booth or Sound booth and without investing time and thousands of dollars in permanent vocal booth structure.
Hanging Acoustic Bocal booth instantly takes care of the acoustic room treatment, just find a quiet place for it and do your recording.
This is an instant Acoustic Vocal booth – just add pulley!

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